Unfortunate Circumstances and How Things Got That Way (interlude 2) // White Gold

by Holy Smokes!

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Thank God it’s not a “Radio” world anymore! Three minute songs. “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus” and a million other cliche “rules” of that bygone era which stifled creativity and watered down the most universal form of art, thankfully no longer apply. It’s a brave new world and Fort Smith, Arkansas’ Holy Smokes! are lighting that world on fire.

Holy Smokes! “White Gold” is anything but a “radio” song and that is a damn good thing. The minute long interlude “Unfortunate Circumstances and How Things Got that Way” which sets up “White Gold” is more like a Deepak Chopra guided meditation than an expertly crafted Southern Emo/Power Pop anthem. You might be tempted to let your ADD take over and skip this track, but they are truly made to be consumed together and Holy Smokes! graciously and smartly, foreshadows the coming awesomeness that is “White Gold” with a haunting reverb laden guitar riff which runs under the crashing ocean waves of “Unfortunate Circumstances”. This riff builds effortlessly and becomes a sort of haunting refrain, binding the two songs in a way that just feels natural and right.

“White Gold” is an ambitious song that manages to tackle a lot musically without ever feeling pretentious. Rolling drums, Weezer-esque vocal harmonies, and that haunting reverb laden guitar, combined with aggressive turn arounds and, most importantly, their ability to honestly convey complex emotions through their music, making “White Gold” a truly memorable piece of music and Holy Smokes! an important band to watch.

You can catch them live on their upcoming summer 2016 tour or check out their forthcoming E.P. Holy Smokes! “Scorched”.



"Unfortunate Circumstances and How Things Got That Way (interlude 2)" // "White Gold"
by Holy Smokes!

Verse 1
I hope you drown on the top shelf of the bar Then we’ll find out how buoyant you really are Your pupils lie so wide
Catch myself before I fall inside
Carried you to your car (To your car, To your car) You reopened all your scars

Bridge A
Throwing stones
Yeah you’re throwing anything At your window

Forget all the old ways
The sunsets and the sunrises
It felt good to feel bad
It’s kind of hard to explain
You’re digging your own grave
I’m not surprised by all of your mistakes A pale moon, A dim room
Buried as shallow as you want

Verse 2
You’re just the one inside my skin
Twisting and fucking with my temperament
You’re not your house, your cash, your car (Well, ok, yeah maybe you are) Drink up and show me what you really are
I never thought it’d come to this (I never though, I never thought) Life is just a drug induced psychosis

Bridge A

Bridge B
Call your mother, Call your father No she’s not coming home tonight She’s too drunk to drive
I hope you two sleep well tonight

Bridge A

And those Summer nights....


released May 6, 2016
Tracked and Recorded by Holy Smokes! (Fort Smith, AR)
Mixed/Mastered by Red Feather Recording (Nashville, TN)

Artwork: Lily Groot (Indianapolis, IN)
Design: Stanley Soultaire
Cover Concept: Justin Carnes and Stanley Soultaire



all rights reserved


Holy Smokes! Fort Smith, Arkansas

Holy Smokes! (yes, there's an exclamation point in the band's name) began writing and entered the Emo and DIY scene in October of 2013.

Holy Smokes! is known for a dynamic mix of light and heavy riffs paired with two-part vocal harmonies, introspective and personal song lyrics continues to travel and keep the local DIY scene alive and well to the best of their abilities.
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